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3D Lashes at Beauty Foundation, Bramhall

When I went to the North West Contact Centre Awards last month I toyed with the idea of practising with false lashes again. The first time I did this was for my 30th birthday party and I spent a good few months trying to perfect the application so I wouldn’t be panicking on the night about them. It all worked out ok and they looked great but I hated having to spend all that time trying to get them on in the first place.

Following beauty places on Twitter has some amazing perks and I managed to see a great deal that would save me loads of time on the evening of the awards.

before fairy lashes mascara <<< My eyelashes before

Beauty Foundation is a salon in Bramhall. Luckily for me it is on Fir Road which is great for parking and I didn’t have to search for change in my empty purse to pay the meter!

I was greeted by the junior who would be applying my lashes for me. She had recently been trained and ready to show me what she had learnt. I love someone who is enthusiastic in their work. It took her 90 minutes to apply each individual lash to the ends of my natural lashes with a strong glue. One thing I will say is that I think I have more sensitive eyes than I thought because the glue made my eyes sting and water like you wouldn’t believe, I’d never experienced anything like it before! I was a little worried at first but it soon cleared and my eyelashes looked so natural:


eyelash 1 <<< My eyelashes after

I was told I could apply mascara if I wanted a fuller look and that they could be cleaned like normal as long as I didn’t tug on them excessively or use an oil based remover. They lasted around 2 weeks in total although I’m sure they would last longer next time around as some weren’t as secure as others and I did have to learn how to clean them properly. I only applied mascara once whilst wearing them, I really didn’t need it and found giving them a quick comb was enough to keep them looking long and fluttering.

They cost me a bargainous £20 due to my trainee beauty therapist applying them. If you are local give them a call to see if the offer is still on, I’d definitely recommend them!

The Beauty Foundation, 2B Fir Road, Bramhall, Stockport. Tel: 0161 440 9167

This item was paid for.

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