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Travel: Husky Mushing With Transun and Joe’s Bloggers

When Joe’s Bloggers asked me if I fancied going Husky sledding courtesy of Transun my first thought was, “oh my God they are going to take me to Lapland to meet Santa!!” Unfortunately this wasn’t the case and I wasn’t going to get to tell Santa just how good I have been this year but we were going to the Lake District which, as a huge fan (I wrote about it once…), was just as fun.

husky 1

An hour and a bit up the M6 and we arrived at the beautiful Wray Castle in Ambleside to meet Horse and Husky for our husky sledding session. Luckily for us the weather was on our side and it stayed dry all day. Next was to meet the dogs…

husky 2

The dogs used are all rescue dogs and desperate to get you out mushing! Mushing is the term used for being pulled along by husky on a 3 wheeled bike like contraption called a rig. They’re so friendly and eager to get going. So eager that this chap actually reared onto his back legs when it came to get going! As a complete wuss I panicked and was allocated a more sedate dog.

We were taught the basic commands to control the dog and given a quick go on the rigs without a dog. So far so good! Next was to go out with the dogs – pot holes, hills and uneven surfaces included.

husky 4

We were encouraged to use the brakes on the rig as well as using the voice commands to keep the dogs on track and to try to keep them on the path rather than chasing after sheep…! Nervous? Me?!

husky 5

My husky was so well behaved. She listened to every command I gave and slowed down when I put on the brakes. I built up my courage to go faster down the hills and through the puddles too! Such fun and quite exhilarating in the quiet countryside of the Lakes. I can imagine doing this in the snow is incredibly festive but using the brakes must be quite difficult in colder weather.

husky 3

A really fun but exhausting day, huge thanks to Emma for sharing some of her pictures (I obviously couldn’t take pictures of myself mushing) and Joe’s Bloggers for inviting me to such an usual day. Next time I’m doing it in Lapland and I WILL meet Santa.

You can read Joe’s Bloggers blog post for Transun about the event here. I was not asked to pay for this experience.

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  • Reply Chrissie December 9, 2014 at 3:58 pm

    This sounds and looks so much fun! I think I’d have gone with the really enthusiastic dog as I’m a little gung ho

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