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Introducing Limitless At The Milton Club

Picture it now, it is Friday night and you are after somewhere exclusive and upmarket to enjoy a bit of a dance and a drink. The Milton Club on Deansgate is popular for this very event. A member’s only bar with some interesting cocktails and a chilled out atmosphere to enjoy a dance into the early hours. It isn’t, however, the sort of place you are likely to think of for an early drink, that is until now. I would like to introduce you to their new early evening event Limitless.


From 8pm-10pm every Friday members can enjoy unlimited free flow drinks and snacks for just £20 per person or £30 for none members. I fully expected a very limited bar and the odd canape that I had to fight through hoards of people to enjoy. Imagine my delight when I was presented with a drinks menu including good brands such as Bombay Sapphire and Jack Daniels on the spirits side, three choices of beer, five cocktails and even prosecco. Not only that, the skilled bartenders are happy to whip up your cocktails how you like them. I enjoy a tart margarita and many pour them slightly too sweet. Our bartender listened to my specification exactly and they’re pretty good.

IMG_6885 IMG_6886

And the snacks are pretty awesome too. There are no wait staff teetering around with loaded trays for people to fight over, instead you will find an amply stocked buffet with an impressive selection of canapes, nibbles and dips to accompany your drink.

IMG_6887 IMG_6888

I attended the launch of Limitless as a guest of The Milton Club and there was never a time where we waited longer than 5 minutes at the bar. The music was low enough to be able to hear yourself speak yet loud enough to still enjoy the tunes. I am not one to stay out late in the City of a weekend, I spend enough time there in the week as it is! But this new event from The Milton Club may just lure me back, I mean it would cost me £20 for 2 margaritas in most bars, here I don’t need to worry about the pennies and I can line my tummy too. Winner, I’ll see you at the bar.

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