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With a trip to Thailand booked, I am already thinking about preparing my skin for the sun. I am determined to get a decent tan on this holiday in the safest way possible. So it was a little drop of fate when the latest Beauty and Go drink popped through my letterbox.

I have talked about their ingredients and the tests around this before  so I won’t bore you with that again, I’ll tell you what the new one is about.

Summer Skin has been designed to support your skin against sun damage with the addition of B-Carotenes that contain 50% of the vitamin A your body requires. My Dad takes these as a daily supplement and swears by them for looking after the skin. Added zinc helps to maintain the skin, with aloe and camomile to soothe. But what does it taste like?

This drink is a lot richer than the other varieties and a lot sweeter, which I was surprised about with it containing carrot. The green tea does add a touch of bitterness but it doesn’t take away from the richness and I struggled to drink one of these in one sitting, which is unheard of for me where sweet things are concerned.

I can’t attest to its effectiveness and would advocate that you ALWAYS use the appropriate sun protection (spf, hat, etc. You know the drill people) but as a morning drink I have been adding these to my summer morning routine. They contain a multi vitamin as well, a much nicer way to take one than swallowing a pill. Have you tried them?

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