Beauty: Glossybox July 2014 Review

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I’ve not done a Glossybox review for a while. I used to compare Glossybox with Birchbox but I ended up accumulating so many samples I didn’t know what to do with them all. I’ve since unsubscribed from Birchbox and was going to leave Glossybox due to some really poor samples over the past few months. I’m really behind with my Glossydots (surveys you complete to review the products) so decided to get them up to date so I would qualify for my free box. Imagine my delight when I was halfway through America week on the blog and an American themed box dropped through my door? It was like fate! Let’s see what was in my box this month….

Color Club nail polish in Glossy Seal – £8

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I love Color Club nail polishes. They have a thick consistency not dissimilar to my all time favourite nail polish brand Jessica and just as wide a range of colours. They are none toxic and use cruelty free ingredients which is a nice touch and hail from New York City, my favourite place in the world. This colour is a light navy and perfect for the blue part of the United States flag, I feel a bit of nail art coming on! It genuinely only needs one coat and lasted 3-4 days without chipping. It’s a winner for me and something I will be picking up on my trip.

Bellapierre Cosmetics Mineral Lipstick – £20

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As you will know by now I am not a fan of bright lipsticks so I was a little disappointed to see the colour I got in my Glossybox was Mandarina. It is described on the Bellapierre website as a light natural pink but I found it to be a bright orangey red colour, perhaps it is a different shade in the States? It is highly pigmented and wonderfully soft in texture with a healthy dose of vitamin C and E to keep the lips hydrated. I gifted this to a friend who loves it so I think I just need to find the right shade for me. The swatch above is one swipe of the bullet.

Absolute New York Eyeshadow Primer – £4.99

glossybox july 9 glossybox july 10

I love a good primer and am a real convert to foundation primers especially in the summer months. I find they keep my face in place much longer than it would without, my current favourite being Benefit Porefessional. I was excited to see an eyeshadow primer as I do tend to get a fair bit of creasing on my lids. The product is quite thick and needs smoothing on with a fingertip after applying. I have to say this was one of the most disappointing things I have ever used. My eyeshadow creased QUICKER than it would have done without the primer! Absolute fail, I’m so glad I didn’t buy this product and certainly won’t be buying it in the future.

Carmex Lip Balm – £2.60

glossybox july 17 glossybox july 16

Carmex is readily available in our beauty stores and a cult classic in the UK as well as the USA so I thought this was a bit of a cop out on Glossybox’s part. That said I had run out of my last tub so it was a welcome addition to my makeup bag. I love how Carmex is clear and very moisturising with a ‘tingly’ sensation making my lips plumper and redder than normal. A real plus and a bargain at £2.60

NYC Cosmetics Beautifying Blushable Crème Stick – £2.99

I discovered NYC Cosmetics on a haul spree in Duane Reade NYC and haven’t bought anything from the brand since so I was pleased to see a crème blush in this month’s Glossybox. I received the shade Never Sleeping Pink which is a bright light pink similar to MUA’s cream blush in Bittersweet. It is highly pigmented like Bittersweet and the swatches above are just one swipe of the stick. I like a stick applicator to mean less mess but this does need a fair bit of blending due to the pigmentation but it will last an absolute age! The colour lasts all day and has a lovely dewy finish, not like the ‘cream to powder’ it claims to be. I prefer this effect though.

That’s it! I was a little disappointed to see others received a Mary Kay mascara in their box instead of my NYC blush and I was also hoping to learn about new brands I could look up when I go on my trip. I’ll just have to keep looking! Do you recommend any products I need to pick up whilst there?

This product was paid for in full.

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