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Beauty – Beauty & Go Drinks Review

I am not one to take supplements. I tend to forget and, when I don’t, I haven’t really seen results that impressive that would make me keep taking them. You may remember me reviewing Beauty & Go drinks before and not being particularly impressed, you can read that here, so I was interested when they asked if I fancied giving them another go now they are online.

I had only tried Skin Revive, Skin Vitality and Skin Brilliance before so I was excited to try Skin Detox. I had also only had one of each so wasn’t able to attest to their effectiveness before, this time around I received a month’s supply so could give them a good try and see if my skin improved.

Beauty & Go bioactive beauty drinks claim to feed the skin from the inside out, with active ingredients absorbed into the gut that are then delivered via the blood to the dermis. This is then said to have a longer lasting effect on the skin’s elasticity, brightness and firmness. Beauty & Go have also conducted clinical trials which resulted in 77% of volunteers taking part seeing firmer skin.

There are four varieties available –

Skin Detox (green) – apple, spirulina and artichoke
Skin Revive (red) – pomegranate, raspberry and persimmon
Skin Vitality (yellow) – pineapple, gingko biloba and guarani
Skin Brilliance (pink) – red grape, rosehip and persimmon

There are some changes from the last time I tried the drinks; the packaging is slightly order cialis in usa different and some of the ingredients have changed slightly, otherwise they look pretty similar. But did they taste different?

Overall the drinks are a lot less sweet than the previous versions and the green one is my favourite taste wise which is interesting considering I don’t like artichoke! It has a slight bitterness yet the apple gives it enough freshness to not be unpleasant.

At around 80 calories per bottle they aren’t too heavy if you are counting calories and extra sweetness is provided by Stevia so they aren’t sugar heavy either. They don’t need to be refrigerated until opened but they taste better cold and are really refreshing especially first thing in the morning or after a workout.

In terms of effectiveness I have to say I haven’t seen amazing results. My skin feels plumper and my make up definitely glides on a lot more smoothly yet I still have redness and my skin has broken out more than normal. Now this could be down to a number of factors including my diet, which hasn’t been the best recently as well as my lack of water consumption. It is certainly something I am focusing on and I still have some of the beauty drinks left so perhaps this combination will work better, let’s face it, I can’t expect it to work miracles if I don’t put in any effort right?

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