Guest Post: Smoothie Wars with Nutri Ninja


Hi it’s MissPond again! This time I’m here to talk smoothies. The other day I was invited to test out the Ninja Kitchen Nutri Ninja and battle it out for the title Queen of the smoothies in the #SmoothieWars. We were invited to The Post Box Cafe in Chorlton for the battle. The Post Box team were more than welcoming and helped put on a fantastic evening for us :)


We were given a large Nutri Ninja glass and a wide range of fruit, veg and oddities to choose from to make our smoothies. There was vodka, chocolate and fruit syrups too, but I didn’t pick any of those. Now I want to admit here, that I’m not a giant smoothie fan, I’ve not joined the trend that everyone seems to have recently. But I joined in the competition with an open mind and ready to try new things!


We had 10 minutes to pick our ingredients before we then blended our smoothies and tried each other’s out. I picked handfuls of raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, chopped fresh pineapple, chopped fresh orange, chopped fresh apple, a slice of tomato, 2 small kiwis and some spinach leaves! Personally from me I dislike bananas in smoothies, so I kept well away from them. I also kept away from the kale, beetroot and broccoli!

MySmoothie1_MissPond MySmoothie_MissPond

We had a short break for some delicious canapés from The Post Box Cafe. We had blinis of smoked salmon and cream cheese, steak and cheese and brie and cranberry, all combinations that feature in sandwiches available at the cafe. The food was tasty and I definitely have to go back and try the full versions!


After food we then got blending our smoothies. The Nutri Ninja takes 49 seconds to blend a smoothie (there is also a slightly longer ultra blend option for trickier ingredients). We were then handed everyone’s smoothies to try and we scored each other :)


MySmoothieBlended_MissPond Smoothies_MissPond

There were some interesting combinations, I’m pretty sure chocolate doesn’t work very well in a smoothie. I personally preferred some of the more tarter flavoured smoothies, I’m not too keen on overly sweet drinks. But I did find some new ingredients that I enjoy in smoothies, even avocado, maybe not so much ginger (ask Sarah about #gingergate!) Well done to Kat from Rainbow Crush for winning the war though, I did really enjoy your smoothie as much as I enjoyed my own :)


Thanks to Cass (from Coffee Pot Digital), The Post Box Cafe team for being so hospitable and providing a great venue for the event, also a huge thanks to Ninja Kitchen UK. Thanks for all the goodies and I really cannot wait to try out my own Nutri Ninja smoothie maker, expect lots of recipes on my blog soon!

MissPond x

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I was invited to this event and provided with all the ingredients to make smoothies, all opinions as ever are my own.

Guest Post: EastZEast Christmas Menu Preview

Hi I’m Miss Pond, I usually blog over at, but today I am taking over Keeley’s blog to talk about one of my favourite foods, curry!

Earlier this week saw the preview of the EastZEast Christmas menu at their Manchester Riverside Restaurant. I decided to take Mr W with me, as he is a definite curry fiend! When we arrived at the restaurant we were greeted with cocktails at the very opulent bar; I went for the Passion Fruit Collins, whereas Mr W went with the Lynchburg Lemonade. We both agreed that we should’ve chosen the opposite cocktail! The passion fruit was a little too sweet for me, whereas I loved the Bourbon kick to the lemonade. After a bit of time relaxing at the bar and chatting with the other bloggers there, we were then ushered into the most wonderful private dining room for our special dinner.


The evening at EastZEast started with an introduction from the manager who offered us a sample menu so we could each try a selection of the available starters and mains on the Christmas Menu. For the starters we had the typical curry house options, the Onion Bhaji and Vegetable Samosas as well as Tandoori Grilled Lamb Chop and Chicken. The Samosa was lightly spiced and very tasty, whereas the Bhaji had a good kick to them! The Chicken Tandoori and Lamb Chop were delicately marinated and very tender, Mr W was impressed. After much deliberation Mr W and I concluded that we both enjoyed the Bhaji most, mainly for the kick. But we recommend trying everything with the garlic pickle too, it was the most wonderful accompaniment!


Out of all 3 of the curries we tried, the Balti Seafood was my favourite and different to what I would normally pick, it was packed with prawns that were cooked to perfection. The sauce with the chicken Murgh Tikka Makhani was amazing, it was just lacking a few vegetables for me. Lastly the Lamb Sookah Bunah was a very typical curry house curry, but very tasty and the lamb was unbelievably tender. Our curries were accompanied with rice and naan bread, which were very tasty too.


Lastly we got to pick a dessert, Mr W and I both went for the Chocolate Cheesecake with Ferrero Rocher Ice Cream, due to our chocaholic tendencies. As expected the dessert was ok, but not the stand out of the three courses, which by far was the other two courses! To be honest we never usually order dessert with a curry, but the Christmas Menu includes 3 courses!


Whilst the food EastZEast served up was delicious and enjoyable, I wish we’d have been able to sample more of the Christmas themed options from the full Christmas menu. The Turkey Handi and Saffron Turkey Biryani sound delicious and obviously keep in with the seasonal theme.

For those interested in organising their office Christmas party or a get together with friends in the holidays for an alternate Christmas dinner do check out the Full Christmas EastZEast  Menu here. The menu comes in at £21.95 per person and is available from 1st December – 31st December.

MissPond x

All food provided was free of charge, however this doesn’t ensure a positive review. In this case the food and service were both good, Mr W and I will be back in the future.

Guest Post: RMK Creamy Foundation Review

Hi my name is Andrea and I would like to thank Keeley for inviting me to gust blog while she is away on holiday.  I have a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog over at where I also talk of my new career as a makeup artist.  Feel free to drop by and have a read.
Today I am looking at the RMK Creamy Foundation in shade 103, SPF 15 RRP £35.00 for 30g.
rmk 1
Keeley kindly sent me this sample to test out in order to write this review.  OMG! I am in love with this foundation.  Whilst undoubtedly at the higher end of the cosmetics spectrum with it’s £35.00 price tag, if you are in the market for a luxurious foundation then I strongly recommend you try this one out. I honestly do not think you will be disappointed.
rmk 2
Creamy is definitely an apt way of describing this foundation as that’s exactly the consistency it has. It is not too thick however, and doesn’t feel mask like on the face … in fact it feels quite moisturising.  After writing these last 2 sentences I looked at the official description for this foundation as posted on the Selfridges website. Here is what it says -
“This Creamy Foundation from RMK glides over your skin, creating a natural dewy finish with exquisite balance between coverage and translucency. It hydrates your skin with its high water-retention oil formula, and the stretch powder particles fit your skin surface perfectly to create a fresh finish that lasts for hours”
So the moisturising feel I mentioned is obviously the high water retention oil formula.  I can also attest to the fact that this foundation stays put all day (though I do use Becca Radiance Primer).  Let’s see this foundation in action.
rmk 3
Skin just prepped and primed (sorry – my skin sans makeup is not the nicest thing to look at!)
rmk 4
After applying RMK Creamy Foundation – no other makeup (I know, I know, I should have smiled!). I think you can see here that my skin is more even, my pores not as noticeable and my skin just looks overall less dull.
rmk 5
I’m just so happy with the finished effect of this foundation. My skin looks and feels dewy and healthy and other makeup applies lovely on top.  When the sample size I have runs out, I will seriously consider purchasing the full size bottle if this foundation. Admittedly it’s a bit over my budget at the moment but  I would save it for best so that it lasts longer – I think it’s definitely worth having.
Have you used this foundation before? If so what do you think of it? If not is it something you like the sound and look of?
Thanks for reading
Andrea x

Beauty Review: Barry M Super Chic Shadow and Primer Palette

Can I suggest if you are trying not to spend money on beauty products that you don’t dare venture into Superdrug with Anoushka and Gem. I mean it. These two ladies know so much about what it good out there right now that any recommendations they have will leave you with bulging shopping bags and an empty wallet.

Determined not to spend a fortune I wandered around the displays with them commenting on how pretty things were until I was faced with an offer to good to miss… spend £7  on Barry M and get a free mascara. I’m a sucker for a new mascara and hadn’t tried Showgirl before (review coming soon). Then Gem commented on how good their palettes are supposed to be and I just caved completely.

Barry M superchic 1

I wanted to try a palette with colours I don’t tend to go for normally. I use Urban Decay Naked 2 palette on a daily basis and I love my Kat Von D Chrysalis palette for more dramatic evening looks but if I was buying yet another palette, it had to be different. I stepped away from the natural palettes and chose the brightest one I could find. For me that was the limited edition super chic palette.

Barry M superchic 2

The packaging is much smaller than the other palettes I own and a lot lighter, perfect for popping into a travel bag when you don’t want to take up too much weight and space. I thought this would mean it was a little more flimsy than the others but it isn’t and the packaging has held up well to me trying to bend it out of shape.

Barry M superchic 3

Inside you will find six shimmer eye shadow shades, an eye primer and two foam applicators. I’m not a fan of applicators like this and much prefer a brush but then I have a huge makeup brush collection as it is so I didn’t need another one in this palette.

Barry M superchic 4 Barry M superchic 5

The shades are really pretty starting with a glittery slightly pink tinged white, a bold turquoise, a graphite grey with a blue shimmer, a glittery gold, warm bronze and a dark purple with gold shimmer.

The swatch above it two swipes of each colour to show the pigmentation and intensity of some of the colours. I personally don’t really like the glittery shades but am totally in love with the other four shades. They are bold, statement colours that glide onto the eyelids with ease and stay put when using the primer. I have to say I’ve used a few eye primers in my time but haven’t found one I like more than this as yet. It is also perfect that it forms part of this set so I don’t need to carry two products around with me all the time, bonus! Whilst I am not a fan of the glittery shades I find they look really pretty layered over the bolder colours to give a different finish. At £6.49 this palette is a bargain! The longevity and pigmentation of the colours easily rivals those in my Urban Decay palettes at a snip of the price. I’m totally within my rights to blame Gem for further purchases right? Oh and if you haven’t already make sure you check out these ladies blogs… they’re awesome.

This product was paid for in full. I wish I didn’t like it as much as I do as I can see me returning to buy the full range.

Beauty Review: Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix Brow Kit

The main reason I started writing beauty stuff on my blog is my obsession with trying new products. The latest mascara, the ‘wonder’ eyeliner? Yep I’ve bought and tried them all. So it will come as no surprise that with the beauty blogger hype over Makeup Revolution it was only a matter of time until I succumbed to my curiousity and bought something. I was quite controlled though and only really crumbled when I saw the ridiculous price of the Focus and Fix brow kit. I never do anything with my eyebrows and have been searching for the perfect fool proof product to give them a bit more shape and fullness. At just £2.50 I had nothing to lose.

make up rev 2 make up rev 3

The kit is very similar to the Chanel Le Sourcil De Chanel with its three shades of powder, mini brush and mini tweezers. It is missing the mini brow brush but has a fixing wax instead, something I find much more useful. I went for the dark kit as I have quite dark eyebrows but I was worried that this would mean any mistakes would be harder to disguise.

make up rev 4 make up rev 5

I actually prefer the brush in this kit to the one in the Chanel kit as it is that bit softer making it easy to work with. The tweezers are a bit pointless to be honest, they aren’t sharp enough to get out the pesky little hairs and if you I was plucking my eyebrows properly I’d use my normal sized tweezers anyway.

The powder shades compliment each other well and are really blendable so, if none of the shades match your brows perfectly, you can create your own colour by mixing them. I find the lightest and the middle shade the perfect colour for my brows as the darker shade is a bit too warm for my eyebrows. When I used that shade they had a slightly orangey tinge which I obviously didn’t want. The pigment is also good with just a couple of swipes in each pan to get the desired coverage and shape on my eyebrows. The thing I love about this kit is that you can work with the powder to get the perfect shape, touching it up as you go, then once your ready top it with the setting wax to keep it in place. I find this allows me to mess about removing bits easily before committing my face to the shape I have created, a huge selling point for brow virgins like me! And at £2.50, if you aren’t sold on it, you haven’t lost that much. I mean the Chanel palette is £40 and I have that in my makeup case because my mum bought it and decided she didn’t like it… that’s one expensive mistake.

Now if I can ignore the pretty eye shadow palettes before my road trip….

This item was paid for in full. This is my honest opinion of the kit and I only wish my Mum had seen it before she saw the Chanel one.

Guest Post: Foot Pampering With Footner Exfoliating Socks and Scholl Velvet Smooth Night Mask

Footner exfoliating socks 

Footner exfoliating socks (not pictured) are basically bags of ‘friendly acid’ which you place on your feet, after applying Vaseline to the areas where you do not want shedding, pop your socks on top to ensure a tight fit and leave for an hour. After rinsing you wait for the peeling and shedding of the rough skin to begin ( a very dramatic process by the sounds of things), this happens around 10 days later.

I had never come across a product like this before, which promises to cause the complete shedding of all rough skin, and was a bit worried that it might be too strong for my not-actually-that-bad-feet.  Then I had a thought, there is one person who is always complaining about their feet, never far from a pumice stone, and constantly looking for the miracle foot softening product….my mum!

So away we went, applying Vaseline and popping on first the exfoliating socks, than a normal pair.  The next day I actually left for a holiday and so waited eagerly for any news from mum. Unfortunately the updates I received were not good, as mum told me that ever since the treatment her right foot had been itchy and had a sore and nothing had happened to the left! I got home to a very sorry pair of feet. We had to submerge her right foot into warm salt water to ease the itching and soothe the sores. Nothing had happened to the left apart from some shedding of the thin ski, none of the actual hard skin was removed.

We have decided that this reaction will be one of 2 reasons; 1. It is due to the little patch of ‘but no one has said it is athletes foot’ (her words) hidden in between mum’s toes, on the right foot. This is the most likely as the instructions do specifically warn about this; however it doesn’t explain the lack of action on the left. Another reason could just be that mum’s feet just do not get on with the product.

Online reviews hail this product as nothing short of a miracle for sorting out their feet, so if you do suffer I would recommend checking it out, although our experience wasn’t great, lots of other peoples have been. Remember; check your feet thoroughly beforehand!

school foot mask

Scholl Velvet smooth night mask

From the good to the bad, the Scholl velvet smooth night mask was a hit with both of us. The thick and creamy formula is massaged into the feet before bed, then its mix of Pro-vitamin B5 and Vitamin E work to give you noticeably softer feet by morning. A lot less hassle than the socks, this can be an easy addition to your night time routine to keep your feet in tip top condition. In theory, this product would partner well with the exfoliating socks, keeping the new skin baby soft. For me and mum though, this little tube works wonders enough so that we do not feel the need to seek more extreme measures!

Love Megan x

Beauty Review: Mel Millis Organic Phytonutri Qi Energising MM Face Peel

The words ‘face peel’ still fill me with dread. I was reassured following my ultimate facial at Skin Health Spa where I came out with my skin perfectly intact but something at home? That fear certainly came back when Mel Millis asked I fancied trying their new face peel!

mel millis 1

The packaging screams luxury. The plain black box wrapped in a ribbon oozes class whilst inside, nestled in shredded paper is the product and a muslin cloth used to wipe away the peel.

mel millis 2

Mel Millis’ philosophy is fairly simple. No parabens, petrochemicals, artificial colourings or fragrances, mineral or palm oil, formaldehydes, alcohol. Basically most of the products are vegan friendly and made using only the freshest, purest and nutrient rich organic ingredients possible. Even the pretty paper bag the product was in can be used. Mel Millis recommend you tear it into pieces and plant it as it’s infused with wild British seeds. So not just do you get a product you also get something that will last a lot longer and looks pretty in your garden too.

mel millis 3 mel millis 4

Onto the product itself; the Phytonutri Qi energising MM face peel. How can a product made using completely naturally have a ‘peel’ effect that it claims to? I was always under the impression that harsher chemicals would be needed to get that kind of effect.

This product isn’t vegan friendly due to using honey. It also contains glycolic acid obtained from muscovado sugar, beta carotene, vitamins K and B obtained from sea plant extract. It claims to strengthen and remineralise the skin whilst plumping fine lines and wrinkles. A bit of citrus oil is also added to help leaving the skin refreshed as well as smooth and energised.

mel millis 5

The application is pretty much the same as applying a regular face mask. Smooth it on, leave for 10 minutes then remove with the muslin and finish by spritzing the face with a mist tonic and apply moisturiser.

I found the peel quite hard to apply to my skin and it tended to form clumps in random areas rather than go on smoothly like a face mask. I could really feel the muscovado sugar and, as I was trying to smooth it onto my face, it really helped to exfoliate my skin allowing the other ingredients to sink in more efficiently.

I was expecting the mask to set but it didn’t. I was quite glad actually as it meant, when it came to removal, I could once again feel the exfoliating properties of the sugar. I was also expecting my skin to feel really dry due to all the exfoliation but the end result was quite the opposite. The little white spots I can get on my forehead had been dramatically reduced, the dry patches on my cheeks had gone and I had a lovely healthy glow about my skin come morning. Call me suspicious but I wasn’t expecting the ’energised’ results promised but boy, did they deliver!

This product isn’t cheap at £48 a tub (50ml) but despite it being difficult to apply a little really does go a long way and it really is one of those products that you could just use when you really need a pick me up. I’m definitely a fan and can’t wait to add other items in the range to my Christmas list.

Have you tried any of the products? What do you think of them? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

This product was sent to me for the purpose of this review which is an honest and unbiased opinion from using it.

Play With Google Play

When considering a new phone this time around I was adamant I wanted to move away from the iPhone. I’ve been an Apple girl for as long as I can remember but the dreadful battery life and constant ‘call failed’ messages when trying to have a conversation just got too much to bear.

Now with a three week road trip around the States and other travels in the planning to take into consideration it was time I thought about my mobile provider too. I’ve been stung by ridiculous roaming charges a few too many times to remember then I saw the amazing marketing campaign for Three‘s #HolidaySpam. With impeccable timing Three promised to let me use my minutes, calls and data allowance abroad, in the States. This seemed like such a no brainer considering I’ll be driving thousands of miles and already have an addiction to my Spotify account. Who needs CDs when you can stream your music straight into the car for free and not have to listen to the same album track over and over again?!

three 1 three

Having already made my mind up that Three were the provider for me the next task was to try and decide which handset I wanted. Having very little understanding of Android I asked several people and managed to narrow my choice down to either the Samsung S5 or the Sony Experia. Both are good looking phones. One, I’m told, has a better camera whilst the other has better sound. I’m still not entirely sure why I went for the better sound having whinged for ages about needing a decent camera in my phone but after an hour (yes a full hour) of deliberating in the shop I went with the Samsung.

I have to tell you I have not been remotely sorry by this decision. Even when I saw how pretty the new iPhone is. The size of the Samsung S5 is perfect for the amount of Twittering, Facebooking and blogging I do on a daily basis with the battery lasting three times as long as my old iPhone.

three 2

One of the main differences is getting used to Play Store rather than iTunes. I love that I don’t need to download a huge file to my laptop like iTunes and the amount of updates it seemed to need to work properly always took ages to download. That doesn’t happen with Play Store although I hadn’t really played with it much other than downloading the apps I use on a daily basis.

So when Three offered to send me a Google Play voucher to spend I jumped at the chance to fill my phone with weird and wonderful things I wouldn’t normally consider.

three 3

With my trip edging that much closer I thought I would try to download some things that would be useful on the 12 hour plane journey. Play Store is really easy to navigate with lists of the most popular free and paid for apps listed neatly. I love this idea as it meant I could browse what other people were downloading without having to search for something in particular.

Hitting the games first I was transported back to my youth when I saw The Sims 3 available. I was addicted to this game as a kid forever finding cheat codes to triple the amount of Simoleons I had earned to build bigger and better houses with the best gadgets available. Now I have it in palm sized form on the go!

I also spotted Facetune having seen it on Twitter a fair bit recently, who doesn’t want an app to enhance their selfie? This one will certainly come in handy on my trip as will Afterlight to enhance scenic photographs I snap on my travels.

Thinking about my waistline and how I’ll combat the giant American portion sizes I also spotted the Deliciously Ella app. I love this lady’s blog and I’ll be able to jump back into clean eating on my return with these yummy recipes.

Getting well into games and apps I then noticed that I can download magazines straight to my phone. How did I not know this before? As my Kindle is perfect for transporting hundreds of books around with me I can now do the same with magazines! Amazing for the traveller who is trying to pack light. They are not cheap and I don’t think I would buy them for my phone on a regular basis (I do love the glossy look and feel of a good quality magazine) but for going away, this is perfect. It’ll also mean I’ll have more room on my tray table for a glass of fizz and some snacks. So far I have gone for UK and US Cosmopolitan, Top Sante, Marie Claire, Women’s Fitness and Women’s Health. Imagine how much they would weigh in my hand luggage?

So there you have it. Within half an hour I had nearly spent my £25 voucher but I have had a good tour of the Google Play Store and what it can offer to me. There’s also movies, TV shows, music and books to get stuck into. Something tells me this isn’t the end of my Play Store journey and this makes me love Android even more. Apple who?!

What apps do you have that I simply need to download?

Thanks to Three for providing the Google Play voucher for the purpose of this review. I feel it important to point out that I was approached by the PR firm separately to me signing into a contract with Three. This was totally my choosing and I have paid full price for this service. My opinion of both the Three service and the Google Play voucher are honest and unbiased. May I take this opportunity to apologise for the #HolidaySpam and selfies I subject you to in the coming months.

Guest Post: Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow Review

Hey guys!
Let me start by introducing myself, I’m Vicky and I blog over at Vixen Fashion I’m 22 and study Fashion Design and Technology at MMU! I jumped at the opportunity to do a guest post for Keeley as I have never done one before so please read my post below and check out my blog for similar stuff!
I was sent a really cute sample of Alima Pure Shimmer eyeshadow in Paris to try by Keeley.
I know it’s a sample but the pot is just so cute!! The little bird on the front with the shimmer behind it is lovely, I couldn’t wait to give it a go so I got straight to it!
I started my normal makeup regime, foundation, powder and bronzer, then I wanted a sticky substance for my eyelids as the eyeshadow is so shimmery and light it needed something as a base. I didn’t have anything like this in my makeup bag so I mixed a dash of lipgloss and a dash of foundation and this worked perfectly!! I then applied the eyeshadow, I used my finger for this as I didn’t have a brush handy and I didn’t want it to go everywhere!
alima 3
After I applied the shimmer I lightened my brow arch with a light gold Ted Baker shadow that I already own, I softened the shimmer with an orange Ted Baker eyeshadow and then applied my mascara in the normal way.
alima 1
I really like the eyeshadow as it’s very glam! I don’t think I would use it on a normal day to day regime but for going for dinner or a night on the town I really liked it! I would definitely look into the product and the other shades so that I could purchase a full tub!!
alima 2
Hope you enjoyed my post!
Peace & Love
Vicky xx

Solita Launch Didsbury Restaurant

As I sit writing this I kind of know it is pretty pointless. Most Manchester food bloggers don’t both reviewing Solita anymore. A well-established restaurant in the Northern Quarter serving some of the best burgers in the North West, Mancunians know it is good. So good it doesn’t need reviewing. So instead of reviewing its new sister restaurant in Didsbury I thought I’d share Carl’s beautiful photographs and tell you a bit about it instead.

solita1 Solita Didsbury, Manchester

Co-owners Franco Sotgiu and Simon Pogson opened the Northern Quarter restaurant in 2012 with the aim to deliver an American grill with a dash of Italian flair. Known for their social media presence and great way of engaging with their customers through Twitter, many attendees of the Didsbury launch party had won their places via a Twitter competition, Solita have moved South with their new restaurant taking the large premises previously housing Cibo and La Tasca.

Solita Didsbury, Manchester

Franco explains, “We’re excited; at last we’re almost here. We took our time, hoping to get it just right. We had to completely gut the kitchen and the interior has been transformed. As for the food –we’ve added to the menu, which we know is loved in Manchester but we wanted to add a lighter touch too. Of course we’re looking forward to bringing our burgers south of Manchester, we have some exciting new ones to reveal as we open.”

Solita Didsbury, Manchester Solita Didsbury, Manchester

Having visited when the site was La Tasca and Cibo I can attest to the changes that have been made. The whole place seems much lighter with some beautiful lighting, neon signage and colourful artwork. Manchester illustrator Stan Chow, official illustrator of New Yorker magazine, has provided some incredible bespoke commissions and Manchester graffiti artist Russell Mehan has designed a Manchester themed 10 metre wall mural. To compliment these amazingly colourful pieces the seating is luxurious with studs of colour. There are banquettes, booths and regular tables and chairs providing a huge choice of seating as well as a south facing alfresco dining terrace to watch the people of Didsbury pass by.

Solita Didsbury, Manchester Solita Didsbury, Manchester

The menu echoes some of the favourites found on the Northern Quarter menu such as the Manc-Hattan and beautiful grain fed Angus steaks. Whilst I’m not reviewing the food I did get to visit during the training week ahead of the opening. I opted for one of these steaks and I’d definitely recommend it. Soft and buttery meat at its best.

Solita Didsbury, Manchester

As well as these firm favourites you will also find the lighter touch, as explained by Franco above. Charcoal grilled chicken, grilled fish and the day and seafood skewers provide something a bit different for Didsbury residents as does the new jaffa cake ice cream pie with Grand Marnier sauce. I tried the latter too; and if you’re not a Didsbury resident? You need to hop on the tram and try it too.

Solita Didsbury, Manchester

The previous restaurants at this site just haven’t managed to use the space to its capacity. It is a large site, now with 120 covers, but Solita have the kind of cult following to keep this place full most nights. And judging by the Twitter feed this is proving to be the case.  I’d recommend you book but they do keep some tables back for walk ins, I just wouldn’t want you to be disappointed. And trust me, if you are turned away due to being full, you will be.

I visited Solita, Didsbury during the training week. Food was complimentary to anyone attending but we paid for our drinks. This was available to anyone who booked. All views are honest and my own opinion. Thanks to Carl Sukonik for the photographs.

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