Stay Fit Don’t Quit Campaign With Get The Label

My relationship with food and fitness is sometimes hit and miss. If you have read my blog before you will know that I originally started it to motivate myself to lose weight and get healthy. Unfortunately things are still up and down so I regularly need something new to kick start my motivation and, luckily for me, Get The Label offered to help last month. They launched the #StayFitDontQuit campaign on Twitter encouraging people not to quit, to try something new and, well, stay fit!

IMG_20150823_113618 IMG_20150828_171420

It started with new gym kit and, I have to say, new gym clothes always give my motivation a kick. I used to go to the gym dressed in an old t shirt and frayed jogging pants. When I started lifting weights to build muscle I found these clothes just didn’t cut it and invested in a full gym wardrobe. I never knew good gym wear would make such a difference but it does, it really does.

I’m a real fan of Under Armour for sportswear at the moment so ordered the brightest pink tank I could and these excellent capri pants. When it comes to trainers I’ve worn nothing but Asics for the gym since I did my half marathon. I usually go for the same style but thought I’d go for something a bit brighter and these bright lime ones didn’t disappoint. They’re also ridiculously light compared to my other running shoes, I’m really impressed with them.

Next was something a little more physical, spinning! I had my first experience of spinning when I was a teeny size 8 and vowed I would never return, it hurt that much. Pro Spin Manchester lets you try different levels of class on a credits based system so you don’t need to sign your life away to give it a go. Unfortunately I didn’t get to go very much but it is certainly an intense workout which helped me mix up my usual boxing and HIIT training plans. Others on the #StayFitDontQuit campaign tried out Bikram which I’ve done a few times. The combination of yoga with 40 degree heat really helps you to concentrate on your breathing and helps the muscles to move more freely, yes really!

The #StayFitDontQuit campaign has helped me to focus back on my fitness and motivation, I can’t wait to see what else I can try to mix up my routine and keep me on track. What do you do to stay motivated?

I was invited to be part of the #StayFitDontQuit campaign with Get The Label and wasn’t asked to pay.


Guest Post: Sports Nutrition For Running

When people think about the term ‘Sports Nutrition’, they often think of sports drinks and whey protein powder.  Supplements are an important element of Sports Nutrition, especially at the elite level where a percentage change in a given aspect of performance can be the difference between a win and a loss.  It is, however, important not to lose focus of the fundamentals of healthy nutrition.  Healthy nutrition forms the foundation of wellbeing.  A general sense of wellbeing will in-turn help increase energy levels, improving performance and recovery.  Healthy nutrition is also vitally important in order to minimise the reduction in immune functioning that can occur when training hard, or for long sessions – something referred to as ‘exercise induced immunosuppression’.  A bout of illness can set an athlete back for months, so it’s important to keep healthy whenever possible by manipulating training load and intensity, and by eating the correct foods at the right times.

Healthy Nutrition
Nutrition in general can be somewhat confusing. This is due to the huge amount of overwhelming information available on related topics, and the conflicting opinions (which are often very assertive) of nutritionists and dieticians from different clinical and holistic backgrounds.

In my opinion, here are some things to be mindful of when it comes to a good foundation of healthy eating.

It is now thought that inflammation is a major contributing factor relating to many diseases such as heart disease and cancer. To minimise inflammation, the first thing to do is to increase your consumption of omega 3, specifically EPA – which is found in high amounts in fish oils, but not ‘plant’ sources of omega 3 like flax seed. Increase omega 3 and limit your intake of omega 6 and sugar. Additionally, try to consume natural anti-inflammatory foods such as turmeric, ginger and dark leafy greens. I would also recommend reading up on frying foods, and which oils to use. There are some nutritionists who believe oils like sunflower oil turn rancid when frying, and only fats solid at room temperature, like coconut oil, should be used.

Glycemic Index
Unless it’s before, during or after training, try and consume medium and low glycaemic carbohydrates only, such as buckwheat and brown rice.

Nutritionally Dense Foods
Try and eat nutritionally dense foods, full of micronutrients. When you eat these types of foods, your body stops craving different foods in the search for a nutrient that it is lacking. Eat plenty of kale, spinach, garlic, mulberries, carrots etc. and avoid nutritionally-sparse foods like sweets.

Fermented foods have been creating a buzz online lately, touted as a treatment for all sorts of problems, such as bloatedness and  anxiety.  They are said to enhance immune function, which, as we’ve already discussed, is vital for any serious athlete.
Fermented foods include kefir, sauerkraut, and some types of yogurt.

Food Intolerances
Finally, if you feel sluggish, or that your recovery is poor, consider looking into food intolerance testing. My life literally changed after giving up dairy 10 years ago; just make sure you are able to replace the important nutrients that will be lacking if you exclude an entire food group from your diet.

Sports Nutrition
Looking at specific nutrition for runners and endurance athletes of all types –  hydration, electrolytes and carbohydrate consumption are all key.

One important point that I would like to emphasise, is never try something new, or adopt any kind of new nutritional routine before a race. Make sure you pilot any new foods, drinks or strategies during practice first.

Before you train or compete in a race, look to consume around half a litre of water about 2 hours beforehand.  If possible, sip on water throughout your run or race. You can take on board about 150ml every 15 to 20 minutes. Ideally any drink consumed during a race will contain glucose (or maltodextrin) and sodium. This allows more water to be taken into the ‘body-proper’ by ‘active transport’. If you did A-Level Biology, think about it like osmosis.
Too much water can cause a condition known as – hyponatremia. This is potentially very dangerous and is caused by diluting the body’s electrolytes too much. Commercial sports drinks should contain both a glucose source, and electrolytes. Alternatively you can make your own, add a pinch of salt and 10-20g of maltodextrin powder for every 300ml of water. Ideally the salt added would be pink Himalayan salt, as this contains a range of electrolytes. Again, don’t try this salt for the first time before a race, it has been known to cause stomach cramps in rare cases – usually in people who have never consumed it before.

After training, consume high glycaemic carbohydrates to replace the fluids you have lost. If you weigh yourself before and after, you should drink 150% of what you have lost in bodyweight. So if you lose 1kg, drink 1.5 litres of water, spaced over a couple of hours. Insulin levels are generally elevated for up to 2 hours after exercise, so this is an ideal time to consume carbohydrate to replace the muscle and liver glycogen (carbohydrate stores) that have been called upon during the run. Consuming protein with carbohydrates can enhance this carbohydrate uptake further, and optimise recovery.

If running is part of an overall fitness or conditioning regime, and speed and strength are important in terms of sports performance (if you are a rugby player for example), then I would recommend researching the benefits of consuming Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAS) before, during and after training.  HMB is another supplement that is touted as highly effective when it comes to preserving hard-earnt muscle and strength when training for fitness.

Guest post by Drew Griffiths

Beauty: Makeup Revolution Ultra Flawless Matte Eyeshadow Palette Review


Wow it feels like ages since I have written a beauty post! As usual when shopping in Superdrug for a new blusher, the 3 for 2 got the better of me and this pretty palette from Makeup Revolution found its way into my basket. At just £8 for 32 shades it seemed too good to be true, but was it?

IMG_6125 IMG_6124

Housed in the iconic Makeup Revolution black plastic case with gold lettering these palettes look much more expensive and luxurious than the price point. That said mine is really hard to open, I broke a nail trying to get into it and the lid doesn’t stay open which is a little frustrating, especially considering the huge full sized mirror in the lid. It’s a great size for seeing your full face when applying makeup.


There’s a handy plastic sheet over the shades with their names on. I guess it doesn’t really matter what they are called when in a large palette but it is a great way of sharing looks with other bloggers and friends as the names make them much more recogniseable.

In terms of colours I think there is a great range in here although I was a little disappointed at how close the bottom two rows are. The bottom is slightly cooler in shade but when swatched there isn’t much difference.



IMG_6132 IMG_6134

In terms of texture I find these a little chalky and there is a fair bit of fall out from the darker colours. The very light colours tend to disappear into my skin so the colour is very difficult to see although they are great for using as a base for the other colours. The pigmentation is fairly good in the darker shades and the colour does last most of the day making them great for work wear. That is the main reason I bought this palette, being well into my thirties I find shimmer can be a bit too much for daywear and the colours in this palette are so easy to use. They also allow me to go from day to night with one palette as I can do light tones for daytime and just layer the darker colours on top when I’m going out straight from the office.

I bought this palette as it is unlike anything else I’ve seen from any brand. Where are your favourite matte eye shadows from? I’m always on the hunt for more!

Paid for in full.


Cheeky Tiki Masterclass At Liar’s Lounge, Cane And Grain

My love of rum and tiki knows no bounds so when invited to a tiki masterclass at Cane and Grain a few weeks ago I didn’t even think twice. I’ve been to Cane and Grain a few times to eat and regularly find myself in Liars Club for all things tiki. With this in mind, when scaling the back stairs to the Liar’s Lounge within Cane and Grain I couldn’t work out why I hadn’t been before. It is everything I love about a bar. Rum fuelled with fire and a bit of the holiday beach style theme I have come to know and love.

liars lounge 2

Liar’s Lounge offer tiki masterclasses for groups of up to 20 people and I was excited to see what this would entail. It started with us being talked through the history of tiki and how the Polynesian culture was brought to America before coming to the UK. We then moved onto the cocktail making where the bartenders showed us how to make the drink before asking a volunteer to follow the steps and make one too. Sounds simple enough, no?

liars lounge 3 liars lounge 1

Most tiki cocktails contain rum, lime and sugar, and that is pretty much what you get in a classic Daiquiri. There’s no fluff or fance with the Daiquiri’s at Liar’s Lounge and it’s a good thing. These are delicious and go down far too easily.

Next was the Mai Tai which was a bit more ‘tiki-ed’ in terms of decoration. So much so that artistic rights were handed to the maker who went to town with umbrellas and cherries!

Ray’s Mistake also features which is one of my favourites for the added gin. It is named as the guy who created it, Ray would you believe, made a mistake when making a cocktail and this one was born. So so tasty and pink in colour. Perfect for all the umbrellas and stirrers we added to it.

liars lounge 4

Last up was my nemesis, the Zombie. This is a very tasty cocktail and one of my favourites but boy, is it strong. Six different rums, some cherry brandy and a spot of absinthe. You can probably see why the last time I had one too many I chucked myself face first into the floor. Other people at the masterclass knew this so nominated me to make this one, cheeky scamps. The best bit is setting the sugar cube on fire with some Old J Tiki Fire then sprinkling over cinnamon to make the sparks fly.

liars lounge 5

I’m getting better at this cocktail making malarkey but have to say I’d rather stay the other side of the bar where the blowtorch isn’t within easy reach. The masterclasses are great fun though and perfect for starting off an epic hen do. It will cost £25 per person and can be booked using the details on the Cane and Grain website. Make sure you don your Hawaiian shirt and flower garlands.

I was invited to the masterclass as a guest and wasn’t asked to pay.

Brunch Review At The Pen And Pencil, Northern Quarter

I am incredibly lucky that I get invited to some of the most exciting places to launch in Manchester. You would think, when I go with friends or family, I’d go to lots of different places on a regular basis. The truth is I tend to end up in the same places. I’m not really sure why and I’m not really sure what it is that draws me to these places over anywhere else. Perhaps it is habit? Or that I know exactly what to expect for the type of day/night I want to have. I’m going to do a post about these little gems but wanted to share a new place that has cemented a place in this list. Welcome to The Pen And Pencil 

pen and pencil 5

Inspired by the steakhouse of the same name from the series Mad Men you will find 1950’s New York style in abundance with the most impressive collage of magazine print in the toilets, yes I mentioned the toilets. They are too good not to, oh and ladies? You may just spot Tom Hardy in the first cubicle. I foresee a queue forming.

pen and pencil 6

There are two seating areas with the main bar area as you enter the venue and then a smaller area at the back which is perfect for freelancers who want a quiet spot to work during the day with a decent cup of coffee. You can also look at this incredible piece of artwork by Akse and, whilst I’m talking about him, you should also check out this amazing film my cousin Charlie did which is a glimpse into his private life and why he does what he does. It’s amazing and I’m not just bias.


I popped in for an early brunch which started with cappuccino and smoothies.

pen and pencil 7 pen and pencil 3

The cappuccino was fantastic with a strong coffee kick that so many are missing at the moment, I want more than frothed milk! They use a blend of Brazilian, Indian and Central American beans to get the aromatic flavour just right and boy does it work. The smoothies are full on health in a glass. The Watermelon and Pear (left hand side) was fresh and fruity whilst the Kale, Mint and Apple (right hand side) was refreshing, slightly tart and more earthy. Both were delicious and made me feel positively virtuous. That was until the Bloody Marys…

pen and pencil 4

Isn’t that a thing of beauty? This one was made with gin instead of vodka and topped with a dash of Merlot for a slightly different flavour. This is helped by the house gin being Portobello Road, a particular favourite of mine.

pen and pencil 1 pen and pencil 2

Onto the food and I chose Steak and Eggs with my friend opting for the BLT.

The 4oz rump steak is grilled either mediium or well done and served under two runny fried eggs, hollandaise and a hash brown. Opting for the medium steak it was beautifully soft and the hollandaise lightly tart, as it should be. The hash brown had a good crunchy coating which made it ideal for dipping into the runny yolk of the eggs. A lovely mid morning meal that saw me right through to tea time.

The BLT, which replaces the lettuce with lobster, is served on bloomer bread with generous helpings of baconnaise to keep the whole thing together. It would have benefited from slightly more filling or a thinner slice of bread but the lobster was a lovely touch and the fries nicely seasoned.

There’s some other classics on the menu that I will be back to try in the very near future, the corned beef hash looked amazing as did the huevos rancheros with crispy bacon on the side.

So why has The Pen and Pencil been added to me ‘frequent visit’ list? For a daytime meeting venue it is light, bright and airy with a good cocktail menu that also caters for those not drinking with smoothies, tea and coffee. The brunch menu is good with food served from 10am every day and it is a stone’s throw from Piccadilly making it ideal for jumping back on the train home. What more could you need?

I was invited to dine as a guest and wasn’t asked to pay for my food or drink. 

New Selectors At Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat are constantly mixing it up and there are some new flavours in town. I love the Selectors range – small mini packs of chocolates mean you can try something new without wasting a fortune if you don’t like the flavours. The packaging is minimal too with a simple plastic tray and description on the front. They cost £3.75 each and there’s a seriously impressive range to choose from. Here are some of the new ones that are currently available.

IMG_6094 IMG_6096

First up is the Carrot Cake which is made with real carrots and walnuts. It always makes me laugh when brands refer to ‘real’ or ‘homemade’… what else would they be made with? Anyway, these have a real ‘carroty’ flavour which I think it difficult to master in a chocolate. The walnut gives it that bit of earthiness and there’s a real kick of cinnamon for a bit of warmth.

IMG_6099 IMG_6100

Then we have these mini Blackcurrant beauties. The blackcurrant in the centre is sharp, fruity and tart with the 70% dark chocolate shell adding that bit of depth and sweetness to balance it out. The only problem is I keep popping these into my mouth and one is definitely not enough.

IMG_6097 IMG_6098

Finally we have my favourite from the three, the Blondie. A crunchy pecan praline base topped with a creamy caramel custard covered in white chocolate. Praline is one my favourite things ever and this is crunchy with wafer as well as pecan for a crispy bite.

Have you tried any new Selectors recently? What’s your favourite?

Products provided for review purposes.


New Menu At The Abel Heywood, Northern Quarter – Reviewed

After first visiting The Abel Heywood back in June for the STM Photography event I remember being amazed that I didn’t know of its existence beforehand. I’ve been desperate to try their food ever since but life being life, things got in the way and I never made it. I’ve had a fair few drinks in there mind and it has quickly become a place to meet friends. Then the lovely people at The Abel Heywood invited me down with some of their local friends to try the new menu and give some feedback. So what you see below may change but I thought I’d share what we thought.


The jerusalem artichoke soup with rocket pesto crostini was the starter I was least looking forward to. I’m not an artichoke fan at all but this was beautiful. The soup was creamy with a light earthiness you’d expect whilst the crostini was a nice alternative to a chunk of bread. The whole table loved this including my friend who is the pickiest eater I have ever met.


The chard chicory, beetroot, Garstang blue, leaves and shoots should have been incredibly dull but the pretty colours of the beetroot with the always incredible Garstang blue made this the perfect light winter salad starter.


The dish I was most disappointed about was the scallops and cauliflower cheese homemade frazzles. The scallops were cold although beautifully cooked and I loved the cauliflower albeit the sauce needed to have a cheesier kick for me. The homemade frazzles were just crispy bacon strips and they weren’t that crispy really. Slightly thinner bacon and smaller pieces would fit the name better.


The favourite amongst most of us on the table was the pigs cheeks, hazelnut and goats cheese crumb. The pigs cheeks were soft and full of flavour whilst the hazelnut and goats cheese added a bit of earth and crunch. Apart from the vegetarian on the table, we all fought over the last bit.


Onto the mains and one thing we all said was how pretty they all looked. The confit salmon with braised leeks and potatoes with hot tartare sauce didn’t wow the table although I quite liked it especially the tartare sauce which was served warm rather than hot. Others felt it was a bit boring and ‘just salmon’ but the healthier side of me thought this was a lovely dish.


The fussily named braised short-rib of beef, mushroom ketchup, confit tomato, brown onion puree, matchstick chips and beef liquor was my favourite. The description is far too much, what’s mushroom ketchup when it’s at home and why you would call thinly cut chips ‘matchsticks’ when they’re a little curly is beyond me but, flavour wise, this ticked all the boxes. Soft and melting meat in a rich stock with lightly seasoned chips. Apart from the addition of mushroom, come on you know me by now, this worked.


A dish that didn’t work so well was the pork loin, apple brandy puree and baby toffee apple with garlic parmentier potatoes. I would like to say the latter were incredible and one of our table declared these the best potato he had eaten in a long time. I loved the little toffee apple and the flavour worked well with the pork. Unfortunately the pork was very dry and overdone, so much so it was difficult to cut into. The flavours though, were there.


Another hit was the roasted chicken with smoked bacon and shallots, thyme and red wine, baby carrots and potato & onion pressing. Like a Sunday lunch this had all the right elements with soft chicken, carrots still with bite and a bit of fat from the bacon.


Never to be defeated we hit the desserts head on. The cheese board is rather small but perfectly formed with local cheeses and a lovely jellied quince which the Spanish gent on our table was chuffed to see. The French gent at the table declared the local cheese a hit and was most disgusted when the waitress tried to remove the plate before he had finished.


The least favourite dessert was the spiced apple crumble with custard. There was far too much cinnamon and the oaty topping, tart apple and very light custard just didn’t seem to work together. Less cinnamon, creamier custard and a lighter crumble may help this one to blend better.


We were torn over the Manchester plate which included a vimto pavlova, Manchester tart and an Eccles cake. They were all a bit too small for my liking and the Eccles cake a little dry. The pavlova was my favourite and you could really taste the vimto flavours which was a pleasant surprise as with these type of desserts, it usually gets lost. The Manchester tart was a little dry too and needed a bit more filling but it was pleasant enough.


The favourite was the iced peanut butter parfait, nut brittle and raspberry gel. This was like peanut butter and jam on a plate with the parfait having a lovely mousse like texture. This is one I’ll definitely be back for.

This was a lovely way to get involved with a local business wanting to provide the best for its customers and it was lovely to meet some of those customers too. The menu is available now with mains priced at £14.95, 2 courses for £18.95 or 3 courses for £22.95.

I was invited to dine as a guest of The Abel Heywood and not asked to pay for my food.




Solita Prestwich – First Impressions

Being a huge fan of Solita (I wrote about the opening of the Didsbury restaurant here and you can also read some stuff about the owners/concept over there) you won’t be surprised to hear that I was desperate to get through the doors of the new Prestwich site. I’ve closely followed the developments on Twitter where the old Aumbry and Bombay sites were merged into one, it sounds like it was a nightmare and the whole renovation took a lot longer than planned. That said Solita owner Franco is not one to give up or to open when things aren’t perfect, so along to the soft launch I went with Charlie.

I wasn’t going to write anything about it, I tweeted all night about how amazing the venue is, how great the food is, etc. Then I decided I wanted to when I had very few photographs to show for it, so I’m sorry for that. The good news is it means you need to go if only to see the amazing Marvel comic book ceiling designed by Bolton company Neon Creations and Manchester graffiti artist Russel Mehan. There is the familiar sight of Stan Chow’s illustrations dotted around the walls as well as historic images of Prestwich to keep things local.


The inka grill installed means your meat is cooked to absolute perfection (as you can see above) and, if you live this side of the City, you don’t need to navigate your way into Town for a cracking steak.

20150906_203057_resized 20150906_200504_resized_1

The chefs at Solita like to wrap stuff in bacon and I, for one, am not complaining. The bacon wrapped onion rings are a side dish but no matter how big a main course you order, I’d suggest you try them. Crispy salty bacon around sweet onion rings, I’m halfway to my car to go and get some just thinking about it. The bacon wrapped cheesy dough balls starter was my favourite and has overtaken their deep fried mac and cheese balls to this crown. I don’t know what it is but bacon just makes everything better.


For dessert I had rum baba. Well you know I love rum so this was an absolute no brainer. Franco tells me the chefs are not a fan of these as they need soaking in rum for hours but it is well worth it if you ask me. Mine was a little dry in the centre, more rum needed, but the flavour was incredible and no matter how full I was, I was finishing this before I left. Rum i n cake, what’s not to love?

The new Prestwich site is light, bright and airy with a real ‘village’ feel you won’t really get at the Manchester or Didsbury site. There is a downstairs waiting area that you can hit for a quick drink whilst you wait and the rear of the restaurant has the best view of the kitchen where you can watch the magic happen.

Considering we visited during the soft launch period I was impressed with how polished everything was already. Just a few weeks in the staff were efficient and friendly, the food cooked beautifully, everything working like clockwork. Well done team and I can’t wait to see what the next site in Barton Arcade brings.

Manchester is Charming With Lily Charmed

When it comes to fads I have to say I have fallen for most of them, especially when it comes to jewellery. I’ve got a full and a half full Pandora bracelet, I also have a Love Links one. I love them all, not because they were ‘all the rage’ but because I’ve never bought a single charm for myself. When people struggle to find a gift to buy me for a special occasion, I love that they can pick me something that then has a special meaning for me about them. When Lily Charmed asked if they could send me a piece to review on my blog I had a quick look on their website and found they do a similar gift choosing type process, amongst other pretty items. Pick a necklace, pick your charms, add a message.

lily 1

I asked Lily Charmed to send me something they thought would fit me and my blog, I love surprises and this pretty white box wrapped in ribbon did not disappoint.

lily 2

The necklace inside was laced through a piece of card to hold it in place with the very apt message ‘bee happy’. The bee has many meanings for my personally and when I finally get over the fear I’m totally having it tattooed on me somewhere! It is the symbol of Manchester – the city I have lived in all my life and the amazing place that has welcomed me with open arms on many occasion. It is also the symbol of hard work and determination yet with a sweet side. I’ve tried my hardest most of my life to get where I am today both in my private and professional life. And I always try to do it in a caring and thoughtful way. I am also ALWAYS busy… a busy bee. Obviously the ‘K’ is my initial which makes this personal to me.

You can customise your necklace even further choosing the length of chain that suits you and even the finish of your charm. Mine is polished but you can also choose matte satin. Silver and white gold are my choice of metal for all jewellery but this necklace is also available in gold.

Whilst this necklace is perfect for all the Mancunian ladies out there you will also find some new pieces that are starting to arrive for the Christmas period including a gorgeous new range of birthstones and larger jewellery which can be engraved for that perfect intimate message.

For me? Well I adore my little bee and I may need to put this little cupcake bracelet on my Christmas list this year, it’s too close to my blog name not to!

The bee necklace costs £32 with an extra £10 per letter charm and can be ordered through the Lily Charmed website. Why not treat the Manc lady in your life?

Item sent for review purposes.

The Perfect Pamper With La Belle Beauty, Cheadle

I don’t know about you but I don’t deal with stress very well. I often find I can deal with things pretty well until I find myself in a pool of tears and can’t work out what exactly made me get there at that time. I try and find little ways to treat myself and take time out every so often to prevent me getting to that stage and a good facial or manicure is always the first thing I try and do. I love that it is for no one else, it is pure relaxing ‘me’ time and I always walk away feeling like a new woman. With this in mind and some pretty stressful stuff going on at the moment I headed into La Belle Beauty in my home village of Cheadle for some much needed R&R.


La Belle is located on Wilmslow Road so just down from the main High Street in Cheadle village. They can take care of all your beauty needs from hair and make up to facials and manicures. You can also get the latest facial technique which uses Argan Oil Liquid Gold – the highest quality Moroccan Argan Oil infused with 24 carat gold. May truly works wonders and gave me some fantastic advice on how to look after my skin better following my treatment. I loved the feel of the oil and the way she used steam to help the ingredients work into the skin more quickly. There are some amazing products you can buy which contain this wonder oil. They’re at the luxury end of my price range though so they’ll be going on my Christmas wish list that’s for sure.


After my facial I was offered a freshly brewed herbal tea and taken back downstairs to get my nails done. Having recently moved house I am ashamed to say they were an absolute mess. All different lengths with bits of polish here and there, absolutely awful and not me in the slightest.

I’ve had countless manicures in my time. Some good, some ok, some pretty poor. This one, I’m not going to lie, was the best I’ve had in a long time. My nails were filed and shaped to the perfect ‘natural square’ in minutes before being polished so evenly they looked like acrylics.


Please ignore my nibbled cuticles, bad habit of mine, but see? They’re perfect and I love Barbie pink colour. I’m holding onto summer, or what we had of one, for as long as I can.

My visit to La Belle was perfect and seamless from start to finish. I was shown around, pampered and had to think about nothing but myself and my thoughts, just what I needed.

I visited the salon as a guest and wasn’t asked to pay for my treatments although I will be going back as a paying customer next month for my regular visit.


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